Thailand Kitesurfing School for Newbies

Thailand is definitely a popular tourist magnet and is still one of the most visited places in the Orient. With its blissful sunny weather and warm people, it’s very easy to get cozy here as there are so many attractions to delight yourself with.

One of the many reasons why some people keep coming back to Thailand is kitesurfing. This is a one of a kind sport that was designed for a place with big water areas and powerful winds.

The words kitesurfing or kiteboarding are often used interchangeably to mean a sport that depends on a giant kite so the person can be dragged across the water surface with ease and speed. If you love challenge and delight on being out in the sun then try kitesurfing. In Thailand, there are a number of kite surfing spots that you can choose from. In addition, you can easily find a Thailand kitesurfing school to give you kiteboarding lessons.

A particular place for kiteboarding that is highly recommended is Phuket. Located on the Southwest Coast of Thailand, this is a koh samui real estate beach haven and is a highly favored holiday destination cheap private villas in Koh Samui. This is Thailand’s largest island and its location, geographic makeup, and climate, make it ideal for a wind-dependent sport such as kitesurfing. If you love the beach anyway and are itching to try something exciting that you haven’t done before, head to Phuket.

Even if you are new to this, you don’t have to worry. A typical kite school Phuket is comprised of experts that are qualified to teach the skills needed for this sport. A good guideline in choosing a kitesurf school is to find one that has a reputable standing. A Thailand Koh Samui villas for rent popular name in kitesurfing in Phuket is Kite Boarding Asia. This institution is the leading school for kiteboarding in the country. With 12 schools, it continues to aim to make kitesurfing the most popular extreme sport there is.

KBA has been providing kitesurfing lessons since 2001. Their discovery course is perfect for any newbie and has a price of 4,000 Baht. Lessons are given for 3 hours by a qualified kitesurfing instructor. You can take the lesson alone or with a buddy. During this course, you will learn about the wind window, which is the most important concept related to the sport. Booking for a lesson is convenient and easy, just check their website.

Aside from Phuket Koh Samui villas lamai beach, KBA also has venues in different corners of Thailand. There is a school in Hua Hin, Samui, and Phangan, to name a few. There is something very addictive about this sport mainly because it never is boring. Also, depending on where you are, the experience is always a new thing. Once you’ve learned the skills it takes to really get out on your own, you will experience a kind of freedom you have never felt before. Indeed kitesurfing deserves to be named as one of the most exciting sports ever invented. It’s great, it’s fun, and it’s absolutely cool. For more details about Kiteboarding lesson in Phuket visit KBA office today.


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